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Hi! I am Nathan Yusuf

I am an investment banker and content creator, who has spent the best part of the last 18 months painstakingly curating the perfect content to land life-changing roles for consumers! During my journey into banking, I was rejected HUNDREDS of times -  but I made it a priority to collect (and implement) feedback on my applications. Ultimately, I mastered the 'dos and don'ts' of the process and it is this knowledge that I now pass on to you guys through my content. Always remember: an investment in your application today will continue to pay dividends for the rest of your life...

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Helping You Secure Your Dream Role.

What Is Application Hub?

The Application Hub is here to help YOU secure your dream role! We are a team of individuals, all of whom are fully trained in the art of CV writing, Cover Letter writing and acing interviews. Despite specialising predominantly in the corporate field, the team has experience writing (and working!) in a range of roles across retail, sales, hospitality and much more. Whatever the role, our team can cater to you! If there's an opportunity that you've been dreaming of, let us be the ones to kickstart your career!


Hey! I am Jade Violet

I am a Junior digital marketing account executive and social media manager. On a day to day basis I help clients maximise their audiences through implementing marketing strategies and ad placements.


I’ve also worked as an events co-ordinator for the past 2 years. I’m your go to for anything apprenticeship related as I have first hand experience with the hiring process.


Hello! I am Abi 

Hello! A bit about me? My names is Abi and I am a current university student studying Software Engineering at the University of Leicester, however with an incredibly strong academic background in English based subjects. At GCSE I achieved grade 9 in English literature and 8 in English language, as well as achieving 9’s in essay based subjects such as History and Business . Writing has always been my strong point, and with my attributes I aim to bring to you services of the highest quality and best articulation in order to provide you the best shot in achieving your future aspirations. A simple piece of text could be the breakthrough in allowing you to secure that job or internship you need to propel your career, so allow me to help pave the way between you and your dreams!


Hi! I am Kirsten 

I am currently a first year student studying policy, politics and economics at the University of Birmingham. Like many of you, I strive for a career in investment banking. To help push my application, I have gone through intensive cover letter and CV training to ensure I stand out from the rest. With this knowledge, I aim to convert your applications from ones which employers just skip over, into engaging and informative statements that employers are excited to build on. Being able to sell yourself efficiently and creatively, is a token to opening yourself up to life changing opportunities. Let's do this together!

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