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So..what's been happening today?

You've probably seen my TikTok videos where I condense each day's most exciting news stories into just 20 seconds of jam-packed content. Well, I've got some good and bad news for you. The bad news.. you will no longer be able to find these short, informative videos on my TikTok channel. The good news...longer, more in-depth videos will be made available exclusively on my Patreon!

So here are the two options:

1) Join my 'News with Nathan' Discord community. Along with several other members, engage in stimulating, thought-provoking discussions centred around some of the world's most pertinent current affairs.

2) Enjoy the benefits of Option 1.. whilst also gaining EXCLUSIVE daily access to my infamous TikTok style videos.

I'll let you guys make the final decision but, whatever you choose, I can guarantee you will get immense value!

Here's what your missing!

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